We are aware that the money we manage is not ours and believe recommendations should be preceded by the question, “Is this something I would do in the same situation?”

We have over 40 years of combined experience and have acquired a lot of clients with that simple guideline. Many of those clients have even invited us to important life events, and memories, such as weddings and other important dates.

Please do not hesitate to seek help with anything from general education and investment concepts to full service financial planning for retirement, social security and college planning.

We will even be pleased to assist with budget planning for the children and young adults in your family. I still remember myself at 7 wanting a hockey stick and hearing my mother respond, with the rule that I too will pass down, “If you want something that costs $50, you need $100. $50 for the item and $50 to put in the bank.”

We look forward to meeting with you!